Empowering Exceptional Surgical Talent

At MAX, we believe that the true essence of oral surgery lies in the hands of skilled surgeons and their dedication to patient care. That’s why we’ve pioneered a revolutionary approach that liberates oral surgeons from the shackles of administrative burdens, allowing them to channel their energy where it truly matters – into surgery, patient well-being, and other roles surgeons find themselves led to.

Dr. Jason M. Auerbach

Founded by Dr. Jason M. Auerbach

MAX has an intimate understanding of the challenges faced in the field and was born out of the desire to transform the management of oral surgery practices. We understand the delicate balance required between providing exceptional surgical care and managing the administrative intricacies that often demand valuable time and attention.

An oral surgeon performing a procedure

Elevate your Practice Retain the Autonomy and Distinctiveness

We don’t just manage administrative tasks – we fine-tune them to align seamlessly with your practice ethos.

Maintain Independence

Surgeons who partner with MAX get to maintain their independence and cherished practice name, while we expertly handle billing, recruitment, retention, IT, and all other administrative responsibilities.

Surgical Potential

MAX bridges the gap between surgery and administration, offering you a world where your surgical potential knows no bounds.

Latest Technology

MAX elevates your practice, providing the latest technology, tools, and equipment for surgeons to deliver the best patient care possible.

Unwavering Expertise

Step into a future where every incision is made with absolute precision, while the operational side of your practice is orchestrated with unwavering expertise.

Challenge The Conventional Your Legacy Begins Here

Experience the liberation of an oral surgery practice unburdened by administrative complexities. MAX empowers you to prioritize your surgical prowess and elevate patient care to new heights. Discover the MAX advantage today – where surgical excellence and administrative mastery unite to redefine oral surgery practice management.

A close up of an oral surgeon