Nurturing Your Team, Elevating Your Practice

Beyond administrative tasks, MAX recognizes the vital role of a cohesive and proficient team in a thriving practice. Our recruitment and retention proficiency guarantees your access to adept professionals who share your practice ethos. From identifying top-tier talent to cultivating an environment that nurtures growth and longevity, we assist in building a team that elevates patient experiences and magnifies your practice’s accomplishments. With MAX, talent acquisition and team retention form the bedrock of your practice’s evolution.

Two oral surgeons having a discussion

Personal Relationships Professional Connections

Our Talent Acquisition team at MAX is committed to cultivating strong and meaningful connections, ensuring a thriving and resilient talent pipeline. We achieve this through:

Harnessing the power of our proprietary recruitment resources.

Highlighting our vibrant culture, attracting individuals who resonate with our values and ethos.

Proactively collaborate with local residency programs, providing early access to pioneering opportunities.

Emphasizing the distinctive advantages of becoming part of MAX.

ELITE TALENT IDENTIFICATIONMatching the Right Surgeon to the Right Practice

At MAX, our core competency revolves around creating impeccable matches between surgeons and practices, resulting in enhanced business outcomes and the promotion of a strong culture of teamwork. Our dedicated Talent Acquisition team is deeply committed to establishing and nurturing an extensive pipeline of talent. We accomplish this by continually developing personal connections throughout the OMS specialty, all while leveraging the esteemed reputation of our practices.

Within the expansive MAX network, comprising of exceptional oral and maxillofacial surgeon talent, we have a keen ability to identify the trailblazing surgeon leaders of tomorrow. Additionally, we leverage the full potential of our exclusive recruitment resources to deliver unmatched results.

At the heart of the MAX value proposition is the establishment of camaraderie and mentorship within our surgeon community. This foundation is reinforced by our commitment to ensuring clinical autonomy and unwavering operational support. The outcome transcends mere recruitment; it encompasses the creation of a symbiotic and advantageous partnership.