Secure Your Route to Success

The MAX Surgical Specialty Management Pathway to Partnership is an innovative program for surgeons available to any oral and maxillofacial surgery practice that partners with MAX. The program is designed to help associates invest in the platform to drive change, growth, quality and a differentiated patient experience.

An oral surgeon wearing a surgical headlight

Become an Equity Holder

Entering into a partnership with MAX means becoming one of the equity holders of the company. Equity holders of a private business have a mixture of rewards and responsibilities.

This is for someone who:

  • Wants to become part of a collaborative team of highly motivated professionals
  • Has a vision for the future and wants to have influence in making that vision a reality

Benefits of Partnership

  • Ownership and Influence – Partnership inherently means ownership, affording you a substantial say in the business’s operations and decisions.
  • Self-Determination – As a partner, you wield the ability to govern and shape key elements of success. You can invest your efforts where you have full control – in yourself.
  • Pride in Excellence – The ethos of “Anything worth doing is worth doing well” rings true as an equity holder, where you join a larger platform and actively contribute to its prosperity. Moreover, this role may open doors to a future position on our esteemed Clinical Advisory Board (CAB).
  • Long-Term Financial Growth – Partnerships are oriented towards establishing a practice with enduring financial objectives, catering to both present and prospective partners’ financial aspirations.


  • Establish Transparent Pathways to Partnership – We are committed to creating well-defined routes to partnership, enhancing the effectiveness of internal succession plans.
  • Forge Solid Bonds Among Like-Minded Surgeons – We seek to cultivate a close-knit community of surgeons who share a deep passion for and alignment with MAX’s mission and values.
  • Enable Long-Term Equity Benefits – We are dedicated to granting associate surgeons access to the enduring benefits that equity ownership offers, ensuring their long-term success and satisfaction.