Unleash Your Practice’s Potential

At MAX, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities that oral and maxillofacial surgeons face in their practices. We’re not just a management group; we’re your strategic partner in achieving unparalleled success.


Success Stories

Discover how MAX has empowered oral and maxillofacial surgeons to achieve remarkable success through their own words.


Clinical Advisory Board

Encourages surgeons to be largely autonomous and independent from the corporate management team and in place to support our collective ability to provide outstanding outcomes for our patients.



MAX offers capabilities in practice management that others do not, while still empowering surgeons autonomy.

Gain Support and Retain Autonomy

Our mission is simple yet profound: to elevate the standards of oral surgery management through innovative solutions, unwavering support, and collaborative expertise. With MAX, you don’t just enhance your practice; you transform it. Discover how our cutting-edge solutions and dynamic collaboration can empower you to reach new heights in oral and maxillofacial surgery while still retaining your practice’s identity and dictating patient care.

Elevate Your Practice

Join us in shaping the future of oral surgery management – your journey toward elevated excellence starts here.

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