Ensuring Precision, Enhancing Prosperity

MAX’s accomplished finance experts navigate the finance and billing landscape with finesse, managing your financial operations with meticulous care. We ensure accuracy in billing, timely reimbursement processing, and transparent financial reporting that builds trust with both practitioners and patients.

A person wearing nitrile gloves and holding a credit card and dental mirror

Flawless Execution Insurance and Billing Operations

MAX has a centralized revenue cycle management (RCM) department which stands as a pillar of support for oral and maxillofacial surgery practices.

Meticulously structured and staffed with experts, this dedicated team takes the burden off practitioners’ shoulders, streamlining the entire revenue cycle.

From insurance claims submission and verification to meticulous billing and follow-ups, MAX’s RCM department navigates the complexities of the insurance landscape with finesse.

By entrusting your insurance and billing processes to our centralized RCM department, you gain the assurance of timely reimbursements, reduced denials, and maximized revenue, freeing you to channel your focus back to your surgical prowess and patient care.

Our holistic finance and billing management capability empowers you to focus on surgical excellence while we safeguard your practice’s fiscal health.

With MAX, you’re free to cultivate a thriving practice that excels both clinically and financially, knowing that your financial intricacies are expertly managed by a dedicated team. Entrust your practice’s financial prosperity to MAX, allowing you to prioritize your passion for surgery while we ensure financial success.