Susan Coe

Susan Coe joined MAX in late April of 2023 as the Chief People Officer, and has over three decades of experience as a health care human resources leader. Susan has worked in a range of health care settings and businesses and is a champion of creating a “best place to work” culture. Susan has been recognized for her commitment to innovating in the human resources space, winning a regional innovation award from a prominent HR leadership organization. Susan has expanded her human resources leadership in recent years, serving as the first dedicated Chief Experience Officer at a large health system in Maryland.

Susan is responsible for working with senior leaders to set the strategy and processes to build, retain, and develop an exceptional team of people who are able to provide the optimal patient experience. As CPO, Susan leads the HR team, who ensure that the organization delivers on its people-centered processes, programs, and support functions. She is also responsible for working with surgeons and the MAX senior leadership team to develop a well-defined company culture where every team member feels welcomed, valued, respected, and aligned with the company’s vision, values, and goals. Susan will also focus on creating and refining learning and development initiatives and programs to support professional growth for all staff.