MAX Surgical Specialty Management LLC proudly announces its strategic alliance with Coastal Oral Surgery, joining forces with founding partners Riverside Oral Surgery and Oral Surgery Group to create the ultimate surgeon-led oral and maxillofacial surgical specialty (OMS) platform. Supported by MedEquity Capital, RF Investment Partners, and Kian Capital, MAX is dedicated to building the premier OMS-only specialty platform, emphasizing surgeon autonomy, independent practice identity, and clinical excellence as fundamental organizational values.

Dr. Jason M. Auerbach, a nationally recognized surgeon and leader, President of MAX, and founder of Riverside Oral Surgery believes that in the current climate of industry consolidation, it is essential to establish a platform that maintains the highest standards of care and preserves the independence and integrity of the specialty for world class surgeons.

MAX has delivered exactly this for both Riverside and Oral Surgery Group. Our new partnership with Coastal Oral Surgery signals an exciting step forward and helps illuminate a new path for the specialty and mutually inspired oral surgeons.

Dr. Jason M. Auerbach